'Fifteen Holes' is a wooden PEG Solitaire style game for iPad & iPhone

  • Easy and simple

    It's easy to understand and easy to play, but not so easy to beat.

  • The Goal

    Given a random first empty hole, the goal is to leave the board with a single screw left using valid moves.

  • Valid Moves

    Is to jump a screw over an adjacent screw into an empty hole two positions away and then to remove the jumped screw leaving the hole empty.

  • 100% made of wood

    Fully made with wood and iron screws. NOTE: No varnish is needed.

"Jon Arrue": Nice game.

"Jenny S.": Cracker Barrel (c) restaurants table PEG game is not an issue now that i'm fully trained ;).
"Tory Aracama": Each time I think i've got a winner strategy, I end up with 4 holes left. My son is + effective.
"A.J": It's fun fun fun!
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